NumberOk software – ANPR/LPR Plate Recognition for business purposes

95% fine reading

77 different countries’ number plates are read by NumberOk software

Up to 240 km/h – possible speed range to be read accurately by NumberOk soft


Installation solutions based on software programs for car licence-plate recognition developed by the FF Group enable complete automation of the process of granting access to vehicles to premises, including simultaneous processing and systemisation of accounting data,  significant cost savings on operational outgoings and on monthly tax payments connected with salary payments to employees engaged in the kinds of activity listed above.

Instant Connection

The program software is available for immediate download from our website and needs no kind of physical hardware to activate it. After payment, you receive an activation code, and the system is entirely ready for use.

Universal Compatibility

Our product NumberOK is compatible with almost all kinds of IP cameras and requires no purchase of specialist equipment. You can use the cameras you already have (including analogue cameras) or purchase new cameras from any supplier of your choice.

Open Protocol

All of the program software is completely unified. Any decision can be implements by a simple change in the configuration in the user interface. The open data protocol permits integrating NumberOK into any existing algorithm.

The most popular application sectors for the NumberOK program software

Access control

Automatic control of access for vehicles to premises.
Does not require a staffer on duty, and with no need to buy remote control operation devices.

Areas surrounding buildings and hotels

The system permits access for vehicles to the parking areas of hotels or residences according to the database of permitted vehicles entered by the operator.

Car Parks

You receive a complete listing of when, and how many vehicles visited the premises, and how long each vehicle remained at the car park.

Car wash

Daily listing of the overall numbers of vehicles visiting the car wash, and the time each vehicle spent at the car wash.
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Check out how much you could save by using our program software!

You don’t any of this any longer!

You don 

You no longer need to purchase remote control devices to control barrier access. The NumberOK system automatically detects the car licence plate when it approaches the entrance, and opens the barrier.
Vehicle owners who receive this immediate service are certain to value the added convenience of not having to look for the remote-control device in their pockets as they drive up to the barrier.

You don’t any of this any longer!

You don 

Are continually issuing new parking passes? Must you compile lists of the vehicles which have approved access and use of parking facilities? You get a request from a hotel guest, that he will only arrive in the middle of the night, and he will want a parking space when he arrives? Forget about problems which arise from having to provide physical means of gaining access. Now NumberOK will automatically provide entry to authorised vehicles!

You don’t any of this any longer!

You don 

Now you will no longer need staff to count the volume of vehicles entering the parking facilities at your shopping mall. You get a full print-out showing not only the number of vehicles that entered the parking facilities – but also the time each vehicle spent there, which enables you to establish further statistical data. Dispensing with the need to employ staff means that you no longer get involved in taxation payments on salaries.

Complete reporting, 24/7!

ANPR LPR software 

You can get complete details of all the vehicles which visited your premises. The full stats, broken down by category, and the option to save these figures will assist your strategic planning when your business faces growing visitor numbers. If any emergency situation should arise at your premises, your Security staff will instantly receive all the information needed to make an immediate response to the situation.

The economic benefits of installing our system software:

Cutting annual costs in operating manned control security points: up to 93%
Cutting annual costs in operating a Residential vehicle security control point: up to 86%
Cutting annual costs in running car parking facilities at Hotels: up to 90%

Cost savings of up to 93% are achieved by cutting back on staff who control vehicle security points and system data, and by trimming the costs of operating a manned control system for admitting vehicles to premises via control points.


How do you save costs?

Introducing the NumberOK software system enables you to make huge savings on your regular operating costs, and on taxes. For example, automated access control to private parking – our ‘Residential” or “Hotel” packages – frees you from the need to buy special remote-control equipment to operate security barriers – especially for the one-off guests of hotels. The operator just enters the licence-plate details of authorised vehicles, and the period of their validity – and the system will automatically open the gates when such vehicles approach the barrier.
Paid parking facilities will no longer need staff on duty to control admission at the entrance checkpoint. A further bonus is the savings in taxation payments related to staff salaries which are no longer needed – a real cut in the operating costs of companies and organisations.

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Try the 15-day demo version free now!

ANPR - free 15 days trial

Special offer!

Take advantage of our special offer and test the operation of our NumberOK system for yourself – absolutely free for a test period of 15 days.
All you need is a computer. You can try out the included operational interface for working with the program, and guaranteed access for approved vehicles in real time. We provide a special video-reel, which models the situation in the street.
For your convenience we provide detailed instructions for the system and its use, which you can download in PDF format for the DEMO version of the program.

How get ANPR demo version for free?


  • 15 days free
  • requires no special equipment
  • installation in 15 minutes